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A husband and wife team of hospitality professionals who has literally worked its way around the world in international hotels, restaurants, catering, food service operations and as instructors in a hotel school.  Because of its ideal weather and business climate, we ultimately settled in beautiful Southern California to open and operate our own restaurant and catering business.  We even created and launched our own line of products, under the name WorldWide Pie (Australian style "meat and vegetable pies") taking the business from concept to supermarket shelf.  

Looking for some new ideas and inspiration, we happened upon Andreas Essendorfer and his sales team sporting Bavarian Trachetenwear at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago at McCormick Place.  Completely mesmerized by the explosion of flavors and the authenticity of exotic tastes from the world, we knew it was kismet that we share these culinary taste explosions with Southern California and beyond.   

We are ESSENCO of California, of German and European background representing ESSENDORFER of Bavaria.  Everything we have done thus far has brought us to exactly where we are now!     


the chef behind the magic

Andreas Essendorfer

On his treks across the globe, Andreas (Andy) Essendorfer has climbed all summits, sailed with all ships and has had sneak peeks under the lids of pots with the most unique aromatic smells the world has to offer.  

Andy finds ideas for new products during the daily life and creatively fine tunes them on the summit of the Taubenstein Mountain in Bavaria.  Once they are perfect, production starts in the new modern kitchen at the head office in Schliersee in the Bavarian Alps.

He has also discovered the art of preserving the precious things in life. Andy combines the best ingredients, craftsmanship and a quantum of culinary coolness. 

The results are taste combinations reflective of the experience with history that conjures a smile on your face.

Behind of each of these products is a story to be told

Thus stories are preserved and an enormous variety of tasty products are created.

Andy developed a natural way to preserve the good things in life. This traditional knowledge is harmoniously mixed together with only the best ingredients, craftsmanship and some culinary coolness. He creates tastes with story that puts a smile on everyone's face.



"Kraut gegen Dummheit“: Genussschmelzerei Essendorfer exportiert in die USA 

Sebastian Grauvogl


Geschichten in Schraubgläsern

Andreas Essendorfer ist zum ersten Mal auf der Auer Dult. Zu jedem seiner Dips und Pestos weiß er eine Anekdote

Von Jasmin Siebert, sueddeutsche zeitung