from bavaria with love


experience a world of culinary flavors inspired by wanderlust travels and developed on the taubenstein summit in the bavarian alps.   conserved with love.

a passion you can taste   

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Known throughout the world for its' fairytale castles, Oktoberfest and beer, Bavaria is also a major agricultural region in Germany, producing high quality food with environmentally compatible cultivation methods that is essential to the preservation and sustainable use of the alpine region.   

For centuries, locals have foraged in the foothills of the bavarian alps, gathering herbs, vegetables and berries, conveying the natural health benefits to the next generation.   Thanks to the Bavarian Ministry of Agriculture leading a  research team experts, the area has become a protected forest of natural and medicinal herbs and foods that are sourced and utilized in some of the products developed by Essendorfer Genusschmelzerei.  genussschmelzerei refers to one who enjoys melding or blending this wholesome deliciousness together.  a world traveler, chef essendorfer has also brought together some exotic tastes of the world, utilizing specialty ingredients native to the regional flavor, and marrying them together in harmony in the foothills of the alps.