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"Herbs against stupidity": Genussschmelzerei Essendorfer exports to the USA

  • by Sebastian Grauvogl


The world is talking about trade war and punitive tariffs. Andreas Essendorfer does not care. He dared to take the step across the pond with his pleasure meltdown from Neuhaus.

Neuhaus -  For a few minutes the giant American tried Andreas Essendorfer's range. "Then we have completed an export business in ten minutes," says the founder of Genussschmelzerei based in Neuhaus and still shakes his head in disbelief. It got even thicker: After the handshake, the American bought the 1,500 glasses with pesto, bread and fruit spreads at Essendorfers booth at the food fair "National Restaurant Association Show" in Chicago in one fell swoop. On one condition: "He wanted me to deliver them to his Manhattan store," says the 46-year-old with a grin.

So he rented the largest available SUV, packed it with his co-worker to the roof - and with 1500 glasses to New York. That's how Neuhaus's "Herbs against Stupidity" made it to Times Square - and Essendorfer into the intercontinental business. The Americans are enthusiastic about the low salt, sugar and fat content of its products, says the 46-year-old proudly.

His adventure on the other side of the pond began at the "Food & Life" trade fair in Munich. There was a representation of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs on the benefit melting point of attention - and invited Essendorfer promptly to Chicago. "But then I canceled it right away," says the company founder. His move to the Genusscampus in Neuhaus had been expensive enough, because he did not want to give it up. But a friendly businessman spoke to him in the conscience - and a few weeks later Essendorfer sat with his 1500 glasses in the plane.

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The entrepreneur exhibited 68 of his 85 varieties at his trade fair stand. He seduced not only the Manhattan store operator, but also the operator of 23 Farmer's Markets on the entire East Coast. Also with him Essendorfer was quickly agreed. "It's fun to do business in the US," he says. Fortunately, his products are not affected by President Donald Trump's punitive tariffs. Even otherwise, the much cited trade war between the US and the EU had been far away for him. The Foreign Trade Chamber in Chicago gave him great support. "We sat together two days to three in the morning," says Essendorfer. As a result, he founded an office in the US and became an American for business.

However, this did not exempt him from the strict requirements of the FDA Registration for the introduction of food into the United States. "It's almost as difficult as taking a Crescent to the Vatican," says Essendorfer, laughing. He adapted not only the nutritional value label but also the font size and the language of the variety names. So the "herb against stupidity" became the "Herbs against stupidity". The ingredients, however, and Essendorfer attaches great importance to them, remain unchanged high quality and would continue to be handcrafted.

This has been happening for a year in the new company building in Neuhaus, which has moved into the Genussschmelzerei in the immediate vicinity of the Slyrs whiskey distillery. Here, 35 employees take care of the production and sales. The fact that goods will not only go to Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the future, but also to the USA, is no problem, according to Essendorfer. The months January to March and the summer hole, where fewer markets would take place, would provide enough capacity for the new contracts.

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In the medium term, however, the company plans to outsource its production to a new location and transform the current building into a show kitchen with courses and sales. Nothing is decided yet, says Essendorfer. But desire is a work not far away from the current seat.

The Neuhauser company wants to continue its triumphal march around the globe. According to Essendorfer, there are already contacts to Guatemala, Dubai and even to Australia. This means that not only the ingredients are international, but also the connoisseurs of hand-made smelters from the Oberland.