We are a team of culinary professionals that operates a catering company in North County San Diego and while at a trade show in Chicago, discovered Essendorfer's incredible sauces, pestos and fruit reductions.  With our background we certainly are capable of making similar products, and even have some experience in getting a product into the market.  However, no one really understands the work, investment and sacrifice involved until they actually do it!  Essendorfer Genussschmelzeri has a small production facility in Bavaria, with strict quality standards and produces some of the most captivating culinary sauces in the world.   We are very proud to share these products with you and offer some ideas and recipes that will excite your palate with adding some of these culinary taste explosions to your menus.    

We are ESSENCO of California, of German and European background representing ESSENDORFER of Bavaria

Everything we have done thus far has brought us here


Image by g.photograghy - Georg Regauer